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Petite pale-white poor tits model photo session (Bloomers, Bikini, School swimsuit)
I love small "boobs". Welcome to "A day of innocence for a very petite, pale, poor-breasted model. In this photo session, you will have a wonderful time with a petite, pale, poor-breasted model who has stolen my heart and is the star of the show. Her body shape is exactly my ideal, and I have planned a new private photo session to capture her beauty.

The shoot began with her doing radio exercises without a bra, wearing a gym uniform and bloomers cosplay. The camera captured every detail of her lively movements. Her lively movements vividly highlighted the beautiful lines of her small body.

On the next stage, she changed into a bikini and a school swimsuit. Poses on all fours and a session where she was on top of me, tickling and being tickled, were the highlights of the shoot. Occasionally, I would ask her to bare her breasts for me to enjoy her favorite poor tits as much as I wanted. She was pure and innocent in her appearance, and her cuteness won me over. And during our mutual tickling sessions, her fresh laughter brightened up the photo shoot.

The day I spent with her was an opportunity to show off all the charm of this petite beauty. The way she was enjoying herself proved how free she was in front of the camera. It also shows how much I adored her.

From this photo session

Changing into gym clothes and bloomers (3 cameras)
Doing radio gymnastics in gym clothes and bloomers with no bra (3 cameras)
Tickling" on all fours in bikinis
Straddling in school swimsuits and being "tickled" (from the side & eye camera)