T: 153 B: 72 W: 59 H: 78

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【Cosplay Yoga】Starting with Gym Suit & Bloomers, the Ultimate 5-Minute Yoga Challenge!(And naked tops, too!)

My day starts with an energetic workout, all in the pursuit of health and beauty. Yoga is particularly special, providing a calming connection between mind and body, relieving muscle tension, and offering a truly refreshing experience?all at a slow pace. The key? Consistency, because with exercise, persistence is everything!

Today, I took on the challenge of a full-body yoga workout, following the amazing video "Life-changing 5-minute Yoga". And to spice things up, I incorporated a cosplay element, wearing an old-school gym suit & bloomers.

Why not join in and experience this refreshing workout for yourself? Let's pursue health and beauty together! I can't wait to see you!

Name: Natsuki
Age: 21
T: 153 B: 72 W: 59 H: 78
Occupation: University Student
Hobbies: Visiting cafes
Self-Introduction: Nice to meet you. I'm a woman known for my gentle personality and relaxed demeanor. I believe in the importance of spending quality time through conversation with others. I always strive to maintain a smile and aim to offer a calming presence. People often compliment me on my clear, finely textured skin. I wonder if it's okay to brag about that (laughs).